Digital tools

We use the most innovative tools for participation in the world. We work with their developers to produce improvements that allow us to go beyond existing processes.

We also develop new tools allowing more specific situations or opening richer and more intelligent new processes.

Participation strategies

It is not just about tools on the Internet, is about what we do with the tools. Our priority is to design processes where real participation occurs:
  • Maximizing the number of participants.
  • Obtaining a participation open to all, regardless of the digital skills of each one.
  • Getting smart, non superficial and representative results.
  • Combining collective voices with expert knowledge to get the best of both.
  • By safe, reliable and transparent processes where people have the last word.

How do we do it?

  • Preliminary study of workfield (participatory population and expert knowdlege).
  • Tool selection and use strategy.
  • Design and development of new technology
  • Team building for participation management.
  • Communication and broadcasting campaigns.
  • Monitoring, moderation and management of the participation.
  • Improvement of existing technology.
  • Participation data studies.
  • Analysis and solutions to the limits of participation.

Our work

Our job is to implement processes and systems allowing new ways of doing things that could bring real change, and have a clear and visible impact.
Here we collect some examples that we have launched:

  • Plaza Podemos (Podemos Square). 300,000 unique visitors each month on average pass through this open debate space. A space with dynamics that we have designed especially for political participation, with proposal spaces, debates, talks between representatives and citizens, accountability systems, etc. No organization or political party in the world has a system of discussion and participation so rich and visited like this.


  • Loomio. More than 1,500 discussion and work autonomous groups and independent work, grouped in a network around the same project. This development we have done together with the creators of the tool allows us to combine the power of a distributed and open to all agile organization, that allows anyone to join it in a simple way, with a transparent structure that shows what occurs in every corner. The network that have started contains more than half of world traffic of the tool.


  • Podemos Citizen Initiatives. The first large-scale direct democracy system of Spain. We combine the collective intelligence produced in the debate space with a mechanism that allows it to be transformed into binding proposals, through a secure voting system where all citizens decide.


  • Research and development of new models of tools. We work currently researching and developing new tools to overcome the limits of existing technology making possible processes that previously were impossible. Right now we are immersed in two exciting projects:
    • Collaborative policy making. It will allow hundreds of thousands of people to participate together with experts and representatives to make laws, proposals and political programs.
    • Massive deliberation. Visualization of massive debates that will allow large numbers of people to easily understand large-scale debates and take part in them constructively.