Municipal democratic participation platform

New politics needs new tools. In a few months we will see new politic organizations accessing the administration of local governments, with the intention of initiate an esentially different way of doing politics. Proposing a new way of functioning since the first moment, redesigning the governing with a new political sense, is esential to compensate the inertia of these spaces. For this reason from LaboDemo we are presenting this design for a municipal democratic participation platform that allows democracy to be the base of these governments.

The following text contains the key ideas that such a platform would accomplish. It is redacted in the most squematic possible way for functioning as a minimum base that each candidature can adapt and customize later, depending on its particular context, but always around a series of processes that ensure the democratic quality.

This first text tries to define these basic minimums of democratic functioning that should be required and can be used as a guide, as well as be used as an initial point from where debates and ideas can be developed. For this reason, we invite to any organization, collective or individual to propose improvements to the text (throught the following link to the text in the comment platform Co-ment or our e-mail).

Apart from the text, we are working in the development of a platform that implements all the processes explained in the text. We hope this platform will be available as soon as possible before the municipal elections.

[Spanish] Propuesta de Plataforma de Participación Democrática Municipal

[Spanish] Propuesta en Co-ment (plataforma de comentarios públicos)

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