Third Democratic Laboratory meeting: Loomio as a consensus building tool

Next Wednesday December 3rd will take place the Third Democratic Laboratory Meeting at MediaLab-Prado. In this ocassion, it will focus on Loomio as a consensus building tool.

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Loomio is a tool designed to discuss and build consensus in a group via internet. With a simple interface that integrates a discussion space and an intuitive vote system, it allows discussing a topic while watching the consensus about concrete points and proposals, together with the reasons each person has to defend her opinion.

This tool has been used in recent months by thousands in Spain, and now accounts for over 50% of world traffic in Loomio.

This day we will divided the talks in two sessions, one in the morning (11:00h to 14:00h) and one in the afternoon (17:00h to 20:00h). During the morning the workshop will be aimed primarily at group moderators in Loomio, with tips and strategies to moderate and to extract the maximum collective intelligence of the discussions that occur in the groups. In the afternoon the session will be thought for a wider public, general users of the tool, with a talk about all the different uses and dynamics that can be done with Loomio.

The workshops will be led by Ben Knight, one of the creators of Loomio, and LaboDemo, with the experience we have been collecting since the birth of this tool through the various groups that make use of it in all sorts of areas, from universities, municipalities, activist groups, political parties, etc.

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