One event and EVERYONE connected

This weekend will take place a great political event in Madrid, the Podemos Assembly in the Palacio de Vista Alegre. This massive event, which in principle could remember, by its magnitude, to the great mass meetings of the major parties (PP and PSOE), will have a key difference: connectivity and participation.

For the first time, a large political meeting will have connectivity enabled for all the mobile devices. Everyone knows that when many people want to be connected at once, communications are saturated. Podemos has decided to avoid that, and for that purpose more than 30 repeaters, 1Gb/s each, will be installed and connected to a optical fiber network. The goal: that all the participants can have a quality connection at all times. This connectivity is essential since mobile devices will not only be use to follow all the information, but also to actively participate by voting and proposing in real time. The Appgree tool will allow to all of the more than 8,000 attendees already confirmed, to propose and vote the best options. The participation team has designed a series of dynamics in which everyone can feel part of a collective process and not just a spectator.

While thousands of people will fill the stadium, thousands more will be at home, virtually witnessing the event. For this reason a high quality streaming will be enabled so everyone will be able to follow the encounter in detail . All the information will be posted on Twitter and Facebook constantly. Since Podemos has nearly 800,000 Facebook followers and 400,000 in Twitter, we can guarantee that there will be even more people outside than inside the stadium. But that is not a problem. We want to establish a dialogue between the people inside and outside. Both Appgree and the official voting platform will be open, and we expect tens of thousands proposing and participating from outside.

We believe this event will be a revolutionary singularity in politics worldwide, therefore we invite you to come and to form part of it and to experiment with all of us. This is part of the path of the new democracy, in which network participation is key to the change.

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