LaboDemo starts to collaborate with Podemos

After a meeting organized by LaboDemo with members of Podemos and representatives of several participation tools, LaboDemo has accepted to start collaborating with Podemos in the technopolitic strategy of the party.

LaboDemo becomes the core of the Participation Team of Podemos, where the participation strategies will be designed and the necessary tools for that will be launched.

The participation strategy we have designed to start developing the participation area in Podemos will be in a first stage based in three main tools:

  • Reddit, as a global central space for all the members of Podemos.
  • Loomio, as a work space for the circles and for specific projects.
  • Appgree, as a pooling tool for specific times and questions (when the problems because of the proprietary licensing of the tool get solved).

We will keep you informed about the developing of this process, and will share the reflections emerged from it.

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