LaboDemo (Democratic Laboratory) is a tool of change for the new democracy that awaits us in the twenty-first century. Our aim is to open institutions and organizations to create a more participatory and democratic world.

We work for a new emerging hyperconnected society creating new forms of collective intelligence networks. We design digital engagement strategies as well as developing and implementing new tools to help expand the boundaries of these areas.

See here the projects we are currently working on.

We have worked in the participation strategy of various Spanish political parties like Podemos and Ahora Madrid, designed tools for the D-CENT project of the European Union with the participation of seven different countries, in the digital strategy for social organizations and movements like the 15M and participated in numerous courses and talks in universities and institutions. We work with a wide network of international contacts, developers of some of the most relevant participation platforms in recent times. With our work some of these tools have been put into use by large organizations for the first time.

We work with organizations with social impact who want to develop participation strategies that produce changes in society. We create and implement these strategies, adjusting its development in practice to maximize its effects by mixing the digital and the physical world.

LaboDemo founders combine scientific, technological and activists profiles with a direct involvement in the most important social movements of recent times.

Contact: (+34) 680182923